There were over 20,000 total votes cast! The
highest voter turnout we have ever had!
First Place band Fractured dominated the last part of the contest but the margin was razor thin between all the top vote getters. Props to The Matrix for coming in Third and The Resistance taking Second. The top 3 bands will split the prize money! Between The Lines and Forgiven Souls complete the top 5 bands, all of which are eligible to play at Brenden in July of they stay together. Rumor has it that Fractured has already split up, which moves Deadline into the top five. Off Key, South of The Equator, and Deadline are the next Runners Up.
Thanks to all for such an exciting race!!!
We are on the road to Rookies in Manteca May 5 and returning to the FatCat May 19.
Modstock in August!

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