The VMI experience

Since 2009 we have been putting musicians of all ages and musical levels, into small groups/bands, rehearsing weekly, and performing at the end of each 8 week semester.

From absolute beginner to intermediate, to the experienced advanced player or hobbyist, we have a band for you.

The bands are formed based on age, musical experience, and to some degree musical taste, and then we rehearse for eight weeks. We do a performance at our own facility after six weeks, and then at one of the area’s best venues after eight weeks. During the course of the year, all students have an opportunity to play at the Gallo Center, the State Theatre, The Stanislaus county fair, the Riverbank wine and cheese festival, The Modstock Music Festival, and at VMI on the big stage several times.

With 200 students, and 40 to 50 bands our performances are exciting events.

During an eight week semester, students meet for an hour each week, learning three songs as a band and preparing them for performance.

Interested in joining?

Simply will out our online form and we’ll be in touch with details!

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