At Valley Music Institute we take musicians (beginners to advanced, ages 6 to 60) and group them into bands (based on compatibility)! We then rehearse, record, make videos, and play at awesome venues like The Gallo Center!


Check out dates and locations for our next VMI Rocks concerts! Come and support these incredible bands!

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Join the excitement of performing live on stage! For details, please visit our Feel The Rock page and fill out a simple form. We'll respond with details!

Interested in being in a band? Here’s how Valley Music Institute ROCKS!

  • Live Instruments
    You'll be playing with live instruments with your band!
  • Studio Rehearsals
    Learn popular songs and rehearse with your band at our studio.
  • Professional Equipment
    All rehearsals and live events your band plays at uses professional equipment!
  • Live On Stage
    Play on stage at venues such as The Gallo Center and Modstock!
  • Incredible Sounds
    Hear, and feel, what it's like to play with your bandmates and here the crowd cheering!
  • Incredible Experience
    It's an experience like no other!
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VMI Rocks

Join Valley Music Institute and become a rock star playing on exciting venues!

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July 21, 2020General 960

Modstock Proband Day August 8

1:30 True South 2:00 The Wet Bandidos 2:45 M!ddleroad 3:30 The Rob Hill Band 4:15 Gravel and Grace 5:00 Gary Gervase and Kickstart Blues 5:45 The Patty Castillo Davis Group 6:30 Sindria 7:15 Sticks and Stones 8:00 Triple D 8:45 Whiskey Skulls

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