One of our favorite bands from Modstock returns for Modstock II.

Robert Elmore – Bass/Vocals
Mo Debbage – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Chris Saint – Guitar/Vocals/Tracks
Bob Turak – Drums/Gong

You’ll swear you’ve been to a Who Concert!!!

Who-Dunnit has been acclaimed as one of the most faithful reproductions of the sound of The Who.

Who-Dunnit consists of four experienced Northern California musicians that share a love of The Who’s music. Who-Dunnit is a tribute to the boldness,creativity and depth of the sound and style of The Who.

Pete Townshend fused rock and electronic music and was a pioneer in the field. Who-Dunnit spent a year painstakingly researching the instruments and recording techniques that Pete Townshend used to produce classic songs such as Baba O’ Reily and Won’t get fooled again. They then re-created these sounds so faithfully that at times
it is difficult to tell them apart from the real thing.

Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey are portrayed in Who-Dunnit by two
Britishmusicians that grew up in England during the heyday of The Who. This gives Who-Dunnit not only an authentic British vocal sound but the ability to mimic the British invasion guitar style to a tee.

John Entwistle and Keith Moon re-defined their instruments. These two musicians are portrayed in Who-dunnit by two incredibly talented musicians that have studied every subtlety of the original band members and re-create their sounds and style with incredible accuracy.

With songs that amount to Rock Anthems, The Who were and are still today, a unique and stylistic band. Four of the most outstanding and innovative musicians of their time. Besides giving us incredible songs they created the concept of the Rock Opera. Who-Dunnit pays homage to Tommy in its entirety.

So Join Together with Who-Dunnit!! Accept no Substitute!! Try to see Who-Dunnit Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere you can. Become a Seeker of the music of The Who. Ask yourself, Who are you and try to discover The Real Me. Get on a Magic Bus and take an Amazing Journey with Who-Dunnit to re-live the sounds of the sixties and seventies.

You’ll swear you’ve been to a Who Concert!!!

Song List

I Can’t Explain – The Who
Substitute – The Who
My Generation – The Who
Baba O’Riley – The Who
Behind Blue Eyes – The Who
The Kids Are Alright – The Who
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere – The Who
Pinball Wizard – The Who
5:15 – The Who
Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who
Boris The Spider – The Who
Overture – The Who
1921 – The Who
Amazing Journey/Sparks – The Who
The Hawker – The Who
Do You Think Its Alright? – The Who
Fiddle About – The Who
I’m Free – The Who
Tommy’s Holiday Camp – The Who
We’re Not Going to Take It – The Who
See Me Feel Me – The Who
Listening To You – The Who
The Seeker – The Who
Who Are You – The Who
Real Me – The Who
Magic Bus – The Who
Reign O’er Me – The Who
Eminence Front – The Who

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