Voting was crazy yesterday! What a race! Third place, winning Guitar Center T-shirts, is The Black Skulls! Second place, winning $25 each, is Picks Sticks and Fingertips! They were up from 5th place in one day. First place, winning $50 each, their first time winning anything, is Roadrunner! Congratulations to all, it was a lot of fun and all the bands did great. Please give me about a week to contact Guitar Center and pick up your prizes. Thank you!
Here was the top 5 at 1:30pm Tues.
Poll Results
Roadrunner 116 27%
Picks Sticks and Fingertips 80 18%
The Black Skulls 77 18%
The Youth Gone Wild 76 17%
Ludwig 40 9%
Here was the top 5 at 9:30pm Tues.
Poll Results
Roadrunner 127 27%
The Black Skulls 94 20%
The Youth Gone Wild 85 18%
Picks Sticks and Fingertips 82 17%
Ludwig 42 9%
Here is the top 5 at 1:30pm Wed.
Roadrunner 129 26%
The Black Skulls 96 19%
Picks Sticks and Fingertips 91 18%
The Youth Gone Wild 88 18%
Ludwig 47 9%

The Race is on!
Voting continues until midnight Wed.
Guitar Center gives first place $50 each, second place $25 each, third place gets t-shirts.


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