We are so proud to have VMI represented at the Modesto Area Music Awards. What a treat for some of our best bands to be nominated for an award in the Best Youth Band category. It is really an honor and I am excited for the members of Black Skulls, The Resistance, Youth Gone Wild, The Matrix, Fractured, Bad Reputation, and Scream. Please become friends with Modesto View and Mama and get out the vote like never before. I can’t tell you who to vote for for best youth band, I love them all!!! For best small event can I humbly suggest Modstock? This youth band category will not be going away so this is an opportunity for bands to work really hard, stay together, and by doing their best, get some recognition from the Modesto music community at large. Thank you Chris Murphy and Thomas Gratton for helping make this happen. Thank you youth musicians for your efforts, talent, and great attitude.

Every October, we celebrate the best of Modesto music at the Annual MAMA Awards. The best in local bands, music, venues, promoters and events are recognized each year since 2000. There is so much music talent and Modesto needs to be recognized as a city of live and local music. This year’s MAMA Awards will be announced live from the fabulous historic State Theatre on October 23. The 2012 MAMAs are chaired by Chris Murphy of ModestoView, Chris Ricci of Chris Ricci Presents and Lisa Renner of the Modesto Bee and nominations are supplied buy local radio stations, concert promoters and venue owners.

Best Youth Band
High Voltage
Black Skulls
The Resistance
Youth Gone Wild
The Matrix
Bad Reputation

Best Small event/ Series
Thursday Night Ramble
Future of Rock
Accoustic Rock Society
P. Wexfords
Sundays at CBS
Off the Air
Tresetti’s Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras
Summer Jam @ Queen Bean

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