We start our next session the week of March 27. By the end of April, we will be on tour! There are lots of performance opportunities this time. That doesn’t mean you have to be available for all of them but if you can be, they should all be quite fun.

April 29

We have our own stage at the Hughson fruit and nut festival. They are bringing in giant stage and Soundsystem just for us!

April 30

The first of two concerts on our own MainStage.

May 7

The second of the VMI MainStage concerts. All of the bands that don’t play at VMI April 30 will play on May 7.

May 15-17

Three nights at the Rancho Fresco Cantina. They just built a big new stage, and this will be our first chance to use it.

May 21

All of the bands perform at the Gallo Center! The show is sponsored by Roberts auto sales.

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