Come join us as some of the bands perform Friday, March 9 and the rest of the bands perform Sunday, March 11. Tickets are five dollars in advance and seven dollars at the door, 1220 J st

VMI will take one week off and start the Gallo Center session the week of March 19. We will rehearse for one week and then take one week off for spring vacation. The week of April 2 we will resume rehearsals for seven weeks, ending at the Gallo Center, May 20th.

Hope to see you guys this weekend, here’s the lineup.

Friday March 9

6:30 PM

Country Rockers
Bad Reputation
Five Nation Army

7:30 PM
Never Famous
Fuzzy Bunnies
Identify us

8:30 PM
Panic Attack
Soul window

Sunday March 11

2 PM

Alternate universe
Six Outlaws

3 PM

Norwegian Experience
Hi I Exist
Out of Control
The four strings

4 PM

Heralds of Doom
Float On!
Waiting on a train

5 PM

Artificial moonlight
The Unknown
Oregano Joes

6 PM

Something Different

Forced Association
MP five
Zero gravity

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