It’s the greatest time of year! 22 holiday themed bands, our most ever, take the stage at our building this Sunday December 10. An entire afternoon and evening of uplifting holiday music. You will hear  different takes  on songs you know, And a bunch of new ones I bet. Every year I think I’ve heard them all and I am introduced to new music by young talented musicians. Be sure to get there at least a half an hour early and tune your instruments while the band before you is playing.  Come there early as possible and stay as long as possible to support your fellow musicians as you would have them support you. You are the future of music in our area and beyond  🙂

I could not remember all of the Christmas names of the bands, also I think we haven’t finalized a lot of them. I tried to identify your groups as best I could, if you can’t tell which one is yours please text me.  I will amend the list to reflect the proper holiday names of your bands as I see you this week or as you contact me with that information.


VMIRocks Holiday Show

2:30 PM

6 Rockin’ Reindeer
Nightfall Before Christmas
3 PM
Red Nose Reindeers
Santa’s Laundry Detergent
Fuzzy Bunny Pajamas
4 PM
Carols of Doom
Something Christmas
Rocking Jingle Bells
Artificial Christmas Lights
5 PM
Snow Kitty
Out of North Pole
Rebel Santa
Zero Presents
6 PM
Holiday Hootenanny

Christmas Carrot Sticks
Still Not Christmas
Candycane Sky
7 PM
Float On!
Unknown Christmas
Identify Us

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