Okay, after several adjustments and new information rolling in, here is the final lineup for the State Theatre. I can only pray. 🙂 In an attempt to keep the show moving along, a thrill a minute, one exciting moment after another, I have scheduled four bands per hour. Hopefully, this will guarantee a big enthusiastic crowd throughout most of the show, and still allow everyone to have a great performing experience and showcase their talents. It is very optimistic to expect us to get four bands an hour so it is likely that we will run late. I ask all musicians to get tuned up and be standing by the side of the stage during the performance of the band which precedes them. We will try to absolutely minimize the time between bands. Please get there at least a half hour before your scheduled band start time. Also, please watch as many bands as possible. If you are there for other bands, they will be there for you. We are trying to establish a sense of community amongst the musicians, where everyone knows each other and respects what each other does, you never know who will be playing with whom in the future and how those connections will be made. We are looking forward to an absolutely fantastic show, let’s all spend Sunday together 🙂
1 PM
Laundry detergent
Seven second delay
Broken feedback
All American Heartbreakers
2 PM
Groove monkey
On Edge
Forgiven souls
3 PM
Rebel G
Bad reputation
Sparkling Spotlight
4 PM
Up rooted
South of the equator
5 PM
The resistance
Breaking Chainz
The matrix
6 PM
Bride of Chuckie

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