A lot of musicians are taking a break from the rigorous practicing, rehearsing, and performing schedule that the VMIRocks program demands. We will miss you and we wish you Happy Holidays! See you next year! However, for the diehard rockers, for those people to whom a day without rock is like a day without orange juice, we offer our biggest Christmas session ever! Rob is taking Christmas off to have a baby, we love you Stephanie and Rob, congratulations! We still are going to have 4 or 5 amazing bands! At Christmas we mix it up and musicans have a chance to play with new people, creating new friendships and musical connections.

We will begin our Holiday session 2 weeks after the State Theatre show on November 19. We are looking for a few dedicated musicians to form some rocking Christmas bands.
Tuition will be $100 for 4 2 HOUR REHEARSALS! Some of our best musicians have already signed up. Jake, amazing drummer and Hall of Famer from the legendary Wildside, Christian, a VMIRocks celebrity and one of our best performers, Heath, uber-talented lead guitarist-lead singer from the award-winning Youth Gone Wild, the entire first place winning band Roadrunner, Colin Smith, Kristie, Theresa, Darren and newcomer Beth (Sophie’s mom) from the adult division, and more. Christmas session is always a lot of fun. Show at The Barking Dog Dec. 18, talk to Darin for details.

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