What a great show. Thanks to Jamie and Jordan for lights and sound, John and Co. for video, Rob for everything, Robbie and Christian for all their help, Ken Groves for taking tickets, and all of you, without whom there would be no show. Thanks to Thomas Gratton for most of these photos.
So many standouts: PSF, Scream and The Black Skulls are our youngest bands. They all knocked it out of the park! Remie, Taylor and Amanda are all amazingly gifted singers and their bands kicked booty. The adult bands:Smack Dab, Rebel G and Contraband were great. Theresa, Jeremy and Shane were MVP’s. Great solos Robert. Loved Ludwig, they all smoked! Roadrunner was amazing, they worked hard, Claire sang like a bird, Peter and the rest all rocked. Youth Gone Wild were all pro. Way to go Heath, Sophie, Philip, Daniel, Anthony, and Lily. The Tin Wall was great, Robert is a wonderful singer. The outside with Ebony were fantastic and Death Metal Sandwich literally raised “H”, JK. Everyone really shined and I am so proud of you all! We sold enough tix to pay for the show and I think were gonna sell enough DVD’s. DVD preview on wed. here. Call me about Christmas session. Peace, Love, and Rock and Roll!

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