This is the final concert of our spring session! First concert inside a theater in over a year, we are so thankful. This free to the public concert is totally sponsored by Roberts auto sales! They also made a generous donation, allowing us to purchase additional equipment for our away shows. As always, we are so grateful to this community minded business which helps support youth music!

After this we take three weeks off and then start our summer session which will include, circumstances allowing, a day at the Stanislaus county fair and the 12th annual Modstock music festival in Graceda Park with three stages! The summer session starts the week of June 14 and ends with Modstock on August 8.

May 23 State Theatre 

10 AM

The Imposters

The Beats

The Record Breakers

The Regal Beagles

Play room

Zero Gravity

The Last

Mental Note

12 PM



Murder Hornets

On Fire

Blank Slates

The Fringe

Something Different 

2 PM

Double Doctor

Sound Playground 

Reckless X

Goblin Boys

Catapult Collision

Dark Moon

Undiscovered Art

Twentieth Century Fox

4 PM


Indie Daze

Pistols and Petunias





Sound Complaint

6 PM

Oregano Joes 

Band of All Trades  

Zero Clue

Ode to Live

Float on

Duck Meat

The Unknown 


8 PM

Out of Control

Faith Blade

Center Divide 

Identify Us

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