Spring session is gonna ROCK!

After 2 weeks off, we start up again preparing for 2 BIG shows! I’d like to keep as many bands together as possible to keep building on the tremendous strides everyone has made this term. However, new groupings are always exciting. All the musicians have worked so hard and it really shows.
Our first show will be at Rookies Pub and Grille, inside of Manteca Bowl, May 5. Rookies has been recently re-done with any amazing sound and light system and room for 500!
The second show of The Spring Tour will be at The FATCAT MUSIC HOUSE May 19. 2 of the best shows we have ever had have been at The Fat Cat.

Many famous bands have played at the Fatcat on their awesome stage and sound system.

Lifehouse at The Fatcat

Collective Soul at The Fatcat

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