The world’s smallest and least expensive U.S.-made guitar amp!

About the size of a cigarette pack, amazingly it can drive a 4 x 12 cabinet. (We didn’t believe it either, so we tried it. And, sure enough, through the magic of technology, it was actually loud and sounded great, though the battery didn’t hold out long.) It responds to the volume knob on your guitar and generates a sweet and convincing tube amp overdrive when cranked. It has its own built-in speaker. It can also be used on the input of another amp as a fuzz box.

Great tube amp tone
Sympathetic overdrive
Tiny size
Speaker out jack (can be used with headphones that have their own volume control)

Where else are you going to find a real amp you can carry in your shirt pocket?

Smokey amps are made by Bruce Zinky.

I have a Marshall amp that was modded by Bruce before he became a world famous amp guy.

Bruce ran the Fender Custom Shop for several years designing some of their best amps including the Vibro-King and the Pro-Sonic. He has worked with The Rolling Stones and many top artists. He gave us a special deal on his Smokey Amps. I can’t advertise what I can sell them to you for but I can give you a hint…

Hit me up, I only have a few.

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