httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLInDfmbGpIAt the State Theatre we had great video, lighting, and sound people. We had the most amazing show yet! With robotic cameras, a video crane, special effect light show and fog, 24 track recording and a 10 man crew, we are producing the mother of all VMIRocks videos! You can order the videos now by searching VMI Rocks on ebay. There are 3 DVD’s, make sure you order the one with your band on it. You can also order by clicking on the following links:


John Huffman, a great guy from Turlock, invented a video crane that is used around the world.

He will be bringing his crew to the State Theatre to produce our first ever 5 camera, 24 track, mixed, and switched professional DVD. They will each be 2 hours long and have approximately 4 bands each. Buy the one with your loved one’s band on it for $25. These DVD’s will look and sound AWESOME! I have checked with your families and this is exactly what your grandma, grandpa, dad, mom, cousin, aunt, uncle, son, daughter, sister, brother, friend and enemy want for Christmas. Plus, if we don’t sell at least 70 my family will have to skip Christmas so please help! 🙂

Dress up and put on a show! This one matters!

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