We have two performances at VMI doing our short five week holiday semester. One is November 26 and the other is December 3.
Entry is five dollars in advance and seven dollars at the door. We have to get at least a few bands on November 26 so that we can squeeze everybody else in on December 3. On November 26 the bands can play three songs but on December 3 it will be only two, and we will still barely squeeze them all in. Thank you so much to any bands which, whether through either preparedness, courage, or reckless abandon, are willing to play at this first concert.
Aside from the Rancho dates this will be the only concert where bands can play three songs.

November 26

5:45 PM 

The Indecisives  

6 PM



Dens of vice

Quarter past curfew

7 PM

Double Diddle

Comittment Issues

Funk Band

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