Our fourth concert in our fall concert series!  The biggest and best featuring full light smoke and laser show from the very famous Laser Voodoo company!

Stay as long as you can, support the other bands as you would have them support you 🙂

Food and drinks provided by Kristie and Gourmet Grillers😊
Tickets are seven dollars in advance and $10 at the door.


1 o’clock

Fivetastic Rockers

Brothers from different mothers

The Explosions

Laundry Detergent

2 o’clock

The unknown


Arificial Moonlight

Walking in circles

3 o’clock

Out of control

Violent whisper

Rebel G

To be determined

4 o’clock

Kristie Morris project

Bad reputation

Hand Sanitizer

Rated K

5 o’clock

Five slices of pizza

All American Heartbreakers

Zero Gravity


6 o’clock

The detours

Cardboard party


The Borja Tribe

The hype

7 o’clock

Second Surface


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