Last year I had the honor of taking a guitar lesson from the legendary Paul Gilbert. I have to admit I was a little intimidated by him as well he is Paul Gilbert, but it was a great experience and I learned some really cool things from him. I wish I could write down everything but here is one thing I will share that I have found helpful and this is in Paul’s words not mine:

“Licks and solos are great, but learn songs too. I learned so much from these…

Taking it to the Streets– Doobie Brothers, the first chord is Fmin/G. They make it work!

Tell Me Something Good-Rufus w/Chaka Khan, awesome funk, cool solos, and where is ‘1’

TubeSnake Boogie-ZZ Top, A great song to practice cool blues phrases and the big accented 5 Chord is a Bmin 7 add 11. Cool.

Go Down– AC/DC I love this groove! Its great for improvising

Loading Coal– Johnny Cash, I can’t play the guitar part. It’s too hard! But I can sing it.  And I do.

Real Man– Todd Rundgren, Try to find a live version. The studio version is weird. But the chords! If you want to make your heavy metal smarter, use some of these chords.

Rockaway Beach– The Ramones, sometime you  just have to rock.”- Paul Gilbert

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