The Modstock music festival yard signs are in! If you are a musician, a vendor, or just someone who supports music and youth music in Modesto, we would like to put one of these in your yard please see Darin Morris, or call Kristie Morris at 543-2065 to get yours. I would like to thank Blake Lemmons and Roberts auto for designing the logo, Halee Smith for designing the sign, and Roberts auto sales for paying for the signs, and for the Modstock music festival making Modesto rock ‘n roll history 1 yard at a time.

Send your pictures in of your Modstock sign to www.facebook.com/VMIRocks Or www.facebook.com/modstockmusicfest  and we will share your pics to our pages! You can also tag us in your Twitter and instagram posts (instagram and twitter @vmirocks) or (@modstockmusicfestival instagram) (@modstockfest Twitter)





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