ModStock 2012!
It is a new era of rock in MODesto!
MODSTOCK takes a big view of our local talent, rolls it all up in a paisley print and mixes it up with regional pro bands and creates a kaleidoscope ultra vivid exciting music with a festival that will have something for everyone. Keep your eyes peeled on the sky,

The VMI Music Institute was founded by local guitar guru Darin Morris. His goal was to teach people how to be rock stars and what it takes to be a rock band. An all-day Peace, Love and Music festival will be at Mancini Bowl at Graceada Park on August 18 and is sponsored by Roberts Auto Sales and brought to you by Valley Music Institute. VMI is changing music in Modesto and does about 70 bands a year and they plan to double or triple in the future. Justsayin’.

MODSTOCK II at Mancini Bowl.
9 probands featuring Whodunnit, The Ultimate Who Tribute Band and 16 VMIRocks Bands.
Therewill be dozens of vendors, arts and crafts booths, food and drink, bounce house, fun for all.
The sound is by West Coast Sound and Light.

Pro bands:
Paradox, The Awful, The Great West End, High Voltage, The Randy Adams Band, Monkey Knife Fight, Victoria Boyington, We The Same, Mr. Rogers, Whodunnit.

VMIRocks Bands:
ADHD, Bad Reputation, The Supers, The 530′s, Scream, The Black Skulls, The Matrix, Breakin B.A.D., Between The Lines, The Youth Gone Wild, Fractured, Without A Cause, Forgiven Souls, Peak Amplitude, Rebel G, Poison Whiskey.

If you want to be a rock and roller, sign up today at www.vmirocks.com/

ModStock Schedule
Forgiven Souls
Morning Sacrifice
Bad Reputation
The Supers
The Matrix
The Black Skulls
Without A Cause
Peak Amplitude
Rebel G
The Randy Adams Band
The Resistance
Breaking B.A.D.
High Voltage
Mr. Rogers
The Awful
The Great West End
Poison Whiskey
The Youth Gone Wild
Between The Lines
6:00 Monkey Knife Fight
Victoria Boyington
7:00 We, the same
7:30 Whodunnit

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