May 5 2013, VMI takes 16 bands to Rookies in Manteca. Chris Broderick of Megadeth shows up to watch!!! Beyond cool!! Lots of us get our picture taken with him and get to meet him. He was extremely nice and watched a lot of bands, helping to cheer them on. Chris is a college degreed classical guitarist and Played in Nevermore before Megadeth. A week after the show I recieved signed 8x10s of Chris and me! Beyond cool! Thank you Stephanie Cabral, Chris Broderick, and the Grigsby family!

scan0001scan0002A couple of pics of three guitar guys:Darin Morris, Billy Grigsby, and Chris Broderick.031Darin Morris and Chris Broderick.

021Chris and Brian, Ian and Matt Felton.

025Chris Broderick and Jojo Jorgensen


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