We are glad to have High Voltage at Modstock!
high v 4The High Voltage Band has been rocking the Northern California Central Valley for 3 years, playing over 200 shows, from small clubs & venues to large outdoor concerts of 2000 people. This youth band with members Matthew Grattan (Lead Guitar & Vocals) age 14, Paul Grattan (Drums & Backup vocals) age 16, and Nolan Harris (Bass & Backup Vocals) age 13 released their first album February 1st 2013. The music is written by the boys and give a little Greenday flavor along with their own unique style of punk rock. While their fan base is global covering over 20 countries and 25 US states, the statistics show a steep rise and growing activity everywhere, not just where they are based in Northern California. The fan base has grown to over 10,000 with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The boys are set on releasing another EP shortly and mix their weekly schedule with band practice & recording studio, along with many live performances.

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