On October 7 we will bring almost all of our bands to Dell’Osso Family Farm!  This is special because this location has been a favorite for our family and many others for years 🙂 all the musicians will get in for free and I am told they can bring one guest for free as well. If you want to get in for free, please arrive on the hour. For example: 11 o’clock, 12 o’clock, 1 o’clock or  2 o’clock.  For you to receive your free wristband, an employee, Frank,  must come to the gate and give it to you.  He will not be able to be there the whole time so if you arrive precisely on the hour he can hopefully provide them in groups. Because of the participation, and the limitation of only four hours I can only guarantee that each band can play one song. If we end up running ahead, I may allow some bands to play more than one but this will be random and not reflective of anything  other than time available.  I have never done a concert where I only had the bands play one song so I’m not sure how  the timeline will go. We may adjust the lineup significantly but you can count on it being within 10 or 15 minutes of the times specified here.




jaw droppers

Out of control

Hot sauce popsicle

Super 4

Lucid Dreams

Oregano  Joes

not all right


Identify Us 


Zoey and the Lollipop Tears

Corrupted Phase

Something Different 


Float on


Country rockers 

Artificial Moonlight 

Norwegian experience

Heralds of Doom 


Zero Gravity



Indie Daze

Armadillo army


The unknown 

Panic attack

Bad reputation  

Forced Association

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