Sign up now for the Christmas session.  We play at The Doubletree Dec. 15 and we will have a float in The Turlock Christmas Parade Dec.6 and The Modesto Festival of Lights Parade Dec. 7.  These parades are a big Deal, and with the Help of Roberts Auto, we do an awesome float!  You are all invited to do the parades with us.  A lot of musicians are taking a break from the rigorous practicing, rehearsing, and performing schedule that the VMIRocks program demands. We will miss you and we wish you Happy Holidays!  See you next year ! However, for the diehard rockers, for those people to whom a day without rock is like a day without orange juice, we offer our biggest Christmas session ever!  At Christmas we mix it up and musicans have a chance to play with new people, creating new friendships and musical connections.

We will begin our Holiday session 3 weeks after the State Theatre show on October 27. We are looking for a few dedicated musicians to form some rocking Christmas bands.
Tuition will be $100 for four 2 HOUR REHEARSALS! Some of our best musicians have already signed up.  Christmas session is always a lot of fun. Talk to Darin for details.    543 2066.

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