Update: Thanks to all who came out Feb 9! Richard and Megan Mckee, Tim and Amanda Smith, Scott and Jen Smith, Thomas and Janette Davis, Rick Waldron, Jason Holmboe, Tara Davis, Mike and Shawn Tavares,Natasha Elliot, you all made it fun! VmiRocks moms are the best dancers!
Thanks to Thomas for pics, do you have any of you guys?

As luck would have it, Donnie and The Wayrads are playing at Nino’s Place out McHenry on Feb.9, my birthday! If you want to hear the Wayrads play and help me do a little B’day celebrating then please come out, 9:30 – 1:30. If you haven’t been to Nino’s, it is an interesting cultural experience. Think DMV or WalMart mixed with alcohol and good Rock and Roll.
Good Times! I know right! If you are under 21, I will be playing mellower music at Surla’s from 6-9, that Saturday and every Saturday. Friday’s I’m at Georges Steakhouse.

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