May 29 at The Gallo Center. Thanks to the great audience, 15 bands, Roberts Auto sales, The AutoWebEngine Team, Osborne Photography, Guitar Center, The Modesto Bee, Gallo staff, soundcrew, friends and families, and rock music lovers. We stopped the world for a while and it was fun. All the students did a fantastic job and there were some amazing moments. Rock history in the making. 1st place in Th Most Popular Band Contest went to WILDSIDE. That’s 1st place 2x in a row and they will be the 1st inductees in The VMIRocks Hall of Fame. Congrats to Christian, Jake, Robert, Rick, Kyle and Anthony. Enjoy your $50 each at Guitar Center! 2nd place went to THE BLACK SKULLS, $25 each. Dylan did the only drum solo of the day, Amanda showed herself to be an amazing singer, John was “The Beast Of The Bass”, Sage cranked out rhythm and leads, Paul and Spencer shredded and sang, Keyboardist Blair, added spirit and vocals along with brother Cale.
3rd place went to first timers SCREAM. Lead by veteran singer guitarist Taylor Coleman, SCREAM: Lucas, Parker, Alexander, Mia, Carson, Zach and his sister Taylor, delighted the crowd.

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