All bands will play July 10 at the Stanislaus County fair. Two songs each. The show goes from 12 PM until 9 PM. The precise lineup will be done one week ahead of time.

All Bands will play either July 24 or July 31 at VMI, three songs each. The shows will go from 2 PM until 9 PM. The lineups will be available one week before the show.

All bands will play either August 1, August 2, or August 3, at the Rancho fresco Cantina. At these performances all of the bands can play three songs each.

All of the bands will play August 7 at the Modstock music festival. All the lineups for all of the shows will be out at least seven days prior to the show. Then you will have two days to get in touch with me if you need a different time and your requests will be considered and honored if possible. After the lineups been out for a couple of days it’s very difficult to change it as sometimes people don’t check, but I encourage everyone to repeatedly check as there are always small changes based on peoples needs.

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