We are happy to announce the addition of The Randy Adams Band to the bill at this year’s Modstock.

About The Band…..
We are a Christian Alternative band based out of the Modesto, CA area. Our members are all born again Christians who claim Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. We have been a band since July of 2011. It has been a fun first year for us. Our goal is to lead people to the throne of Christ through passionate, powerful, Christ- centered music.

The members of the band are:

Aaron Lecher – Drums

J.J. Hernandez – Electric Guitars/Background Vocals

Justin Hasley – Bass

Justin’s first music ministry experience was singing and playing a kid-sized guitar at the Modesto Gospel Mission, at the age of 6. He was terrified. The experience cured him of all desire to be a lead vocalist. Considering his talent, this can be viewed as direct evidence of God’s mercy.

In his early teens, he discovered that the chords he’d learned on guitar could be transferred to the piano, allowing him to play piano without actually having to learn to read music. This allowed him the instant gratification of playing piano without any of the hard work of practice. He remains musically illiterate to this day, and is troubled by mild regret whenever he happens to be reminded of it.

He began playing piano and bass for various worship ensembles in his late teens, at his home church and at inter-church worship gatherings. This means he’s been in music ministry for… wait, that can’t be right.
Justin currently plays on the worship team at Calvary Chapel Oakdale when not playing with the band.

Randy Adams – Guitars/Vocals

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