We are getting ready for the eighth annual Modstock music festival! The Modesto view published a lineup for our bands in their latest issue. Since then, I have had to make significant changes in the lineup and I may still need to make more. Please be sure to check VMI rocks.com for the actual time your band is playing, and please have your friends and family who may be coming to the same.

This should be a really fun day and we hope that as many of you as possible bring a blanket and make a day of it. Be sure to get there at least a half an hour before your band plays and come and meet me at the tuning station 15 minutes before. We need to keep a really tight schedule all day. We will be raffling off a guitar, and everyone is going to wanna check out our amazing guest artist Shirlee Temper!


9:30 AM

Country Rockers


10 AM

The little rockers


Fuzzy Bunnies

New Rattlers

11 AM

Chicken Machine

David Finley and Big Finish

Separate Ways

Avoid The Blame

12 PM




1 PM

Panic Attack

Norwegian Experience

Never Famous

Artificial Moonlight

2 PM

Forced Association 


Something Different 

Odd Man Out

3 PM

Hazy Cosmic Jive

The Jaw Droppers

Out of Control 

4 PM

Heralds of Doom

Shattered Affect

The Unknown 

5 PM


Indie Daze

Identify Us

Float On!

6 PM

Shirlee Temper

7 PM

Bad Reputation

Zero Gravity




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