We are all very excited about our 20 band marathon of mayhem which will be occurring at the fat cat this Sunday, March 2! All the bands have been working so hard and there are some really exciting musical selections coming our way 🙂 The adult bands are fantastic, the little kid bands are exciting and fun, and the teenager bands are really scary! In a good way 🙂 it’s going to be a long concert, a day full of good rock ‘n roll, and we would like as many of you to hang around as long as you can and support your friends and peers. There have been some changes at the fat cat, and you may not be able to buy adult beverages, or food during this full day of rock ‘n roll. Hannibal, the friendly proprietor of the barking dog, has agreed to open to help fill the needs of all of the diehard rockers. The barking dog is literally right next door to the fat cat. Isn’t that fun 🙂 listen to as much rock ‘n roll as you want, walk next-door to the barking dog and have a drink and get something to eat, and then come back and support your fellow musicians at this great event. All the money raised goes to help pay to have these events at these fine venues, and to help pay off our music equipment which is a work in progress 🙂 tickets are seven dollars advance and $10 at the door, call me anytime and I can get you tickets for the advance price. Let’s make this an important day in Modesto rock ‘n roll history, eat drink and be merry, and rock out! Good luck to all.

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