Sponsored by Roberts auto sales, Graceada Park will be filled with music, peace, and love all day on August 22! This is the new rescheduled event date. Nine hours of awesome Valley Music Institute Bands in Mancini bowl, and 10 of the areas best and most popular professional bands on a separate stage.
The vendor village for shopping, arts and crafts and water features for the kids. Spend the day with your family and friends while enjoying the music, the park, food and drinks!

An extremely important note to the VMI musicians and their families: arrive at least 1/2 hour early and check in with Darin at the soundboard 15 minutes before your scheduled time. If you have not checked in 15 minutes before your scheduled time we may have to skip your band. This is very important. To determine your scheduled time, take the hour you are performing and add 10 minutes per band. After you have checked in, wait at the side of the stage so you can take the stage immediately after the band before you finishes. We can have no more than one minute between bands, if that. This is going to be a great day, very exciting for the audience, one band after another, and we have to run precisely on time. Thank you for your cooperation and efforts to help make the 11th annual Modstock a truly historic event.

Here is the lineup for the Mancini bowl:


On Fire

Petty Theft 

The Beats

Sound Playground 


11 AM


Miscellaneous Absence 

Catapult Collision 

Zero Clue

Reckless X

Spare Parts

12 PM

Goblin Boys

Twentieth Century Fox

Unrealistic Daydreams

Undiscovered Art 

Not All Right


Pistols and Petunias 

Generation 13


Band Of All Trades


2 PM

Out of Control

Center Divide


Something Different 


The Fringe

3 PM

Sound Complaint


double doctor

Zero Gravity

Mental Note

Ode To Live

4 PM

Indie Daze


Dark Moon

The Unknown

Murder Hornets 

5 PM


Float On!

Tenement House

Faith Blade




Minutes to Monday

Oregano Joes 

Identify Us


7 PM

Mystic Moon

here is the lineup for the pro band stage:

10 AM
The Wet Bandidos
11 AM
Project Bosch of Radio Friendly
12 PM
1 PM
High Street Blues Band
2 PM
The Whiskey Skulls
3 PM
The Madness Remains
4 PM
4 On The Floor
5 PM
Sticks and Stones
6 PM

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